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d'Mentor by Detik.com


d'Mentor by Detik

Who Are They?

d'Mentor is the dynamic powerhouse that is part of 20detik by Detik.com, Indonesia's premier media company.



Project Period:

May 2022

The Story:

I took the stage as a distinguished expert and speaker, sharing insights on the latest trends in social media and live streaming.

The Results:

Step into the spotlight as I embark on a captivating 1-hour show, engaging in a profound conversation alongside two influential social media personalities. Together, we delve into the depths of trending topics, sharing insights and perspectives that captivate audiences.

Brace yourself for the limelight as our conversation takes center stage, reaching a wide audience through the prestigious platforms of YouTube and the official website of Detik.com.

What Client Says:

"Terima kasih banyak sudah mau jadi narasumber di detik.com tadi malam. Next, izin untuk undang Mas Firman lagi kalau ada isu dan agenda yang sama, ya."
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